Personal Development: Overcoming Fear

In business, many things can be frightening like new undertakings, big meetings, career growth. While fear can debilitate the average person into paralysis, there are plenty of ways to harness fear, and then overcome it. AJ Harbinger is a dating coach who also teaches business-men and women how to overcome their fear in the work place. He runs a program that puts enrollees into situations that would make them usually uncomfortable, whether it be conversations with an authority figure, or breaking into a social crowd out of the blue.

His pupils end each session with their fears faced, and a new found confidence to take back to the workplace. Being able to seamlessly speak in front of any person offers a number of advantages for any professional.

The fear that can grasp a person in interviews, meetings or stressful situations is an emotion that is associated with anticipated pain. Also called “discomfort uncertainty” it dates back to our primal ancestors who stayed alive as a result of their fear, avoid potentially dangerous situations. In a business scope, fear can be broken down into a more direct uncertainty, the possibility that one may be rejected, or fail.

Failure can result in and from any number of things that we see as a direct threat to our success, well being or security. It can feel personal, which is why harnessing and overcoming fear can be so pivotal to personal growth and success.

What happens when a person faces these fears, and potentially feels that rejection emotion, is that they will find that it is not as bad as the forethought. Gaining this experience, or data, helps a person to realize that the fear of this emotion is not necessary, because it is not as harmful as it was perceived.

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