Jeff Bezos: the Epitome of a Disrupter

Anyone who has internet access has heard of the retail giant that is reinventing how we purchase goods. That leading retailer is, of course, Amazon. The man behind the company with almost 251 billion in market capitalization can be defined as the ultimate disrupter.
Jeff Bezos not only imagined this marketplace years before its inception, he successfully lead it through its infancy, adolescence and now into its more formative years. It is very rare for a founding CEO to remain in place at the helm during such dramatic growth but Jeff Bezos has not only held his position, he is redefining it. Let’s outline how he has disrupted the business world in more than one way.Bezos, Chhhabra

Creating the “Everything Store”. Starting as an online book store, Bezos had a vision for a one-stop-shop that could distribute anything a consumer could want. Before he could realize this dream, he flipped the book industry upside down by offering to ship books to a customer’s doorstep at first. After perfecting his craft and opening a number of other product lines on his website, he changed the landscape of book buying all together by introducing the Kindle. Now, big book readers love the discounts they receive on each book they buy and the space saving tablet they read them on.

From this simple concept of selling books online, Amazon has expanded in just about every product category including web services for business, diapers, stationery, apparel, shoes, adventure gear, bicycles, and many, many more. The impact that Jeff’s vision has had on the business landscape is evident to say the least. He has forced big business to launch their own online retail platforms, but none can keep up to his firm’s incredible dedication to customer service.

His leadership style is another disruption within the business world, one that benefits the consumer. For years, businesses often seemed to operate in their best interest, ie. what can increase profit margin while still selling. Bezos has instilled in his company an insatiable appetite to please the customer. It even goes as far as leaving a seat in each conference room open to symbolize the customer sitting there, in a way to make sure the room is thinking of their best interests.

This type of business disrupter is exactly what the world needs as they push the limits of the status quo to create something great. Jeff Bezos created a business that is now a household name but he did so after a few stumbles. See his full story here.

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