5 Keys to Employing a Mobile Friendly Strategy

vincent chhabraEveryday,  more and more people are purchasing mobile phones and tablets, and using these devices to information online. According to one study, nine out of ten adults have some form of a mobile device by their side at all times. It is indisputable that mobile is here, and will only continue to grow.  This is why many businesses have begun to focus more resources on their mobile strategy. In fact, advertisement spending on mobile search is expected to surpass the amount spent on desktop search this year. Mobile should be at the core one’s mentality, and your business should employ a mobile-first strategy.  Here are five great tips to make this happen.


Mobile from the get-go:

  • If you employ this mobile-first mentality, it will ensure that you limit costs and extraneous work in the long run. After you create your content or product, you do not have to go back and try to optimize it for mobile devices.

Focus on Accessibility:

  • As mentioned above, people are always accessing information on their mobile devices. By focusing initially on the mobile side, you will hopefully be accessible when potential customers  search from their smart phones and tablets.  A central part of accessibility is having a good call to action.  Be sure to utilize such tools as interactive voice response or intelligent call routing to  manage and gauge your accessibility.

Website Designed for Mobile:

  • It may sound obvious, but the amount of business that fail to succeed at this step is remarkable. Just because your site operates smoothly, and looks great on a desktop does not ensure it will do the same on a mobile device. You must allocate resources to developing mobile friendly sites. If you don’t, you are wasting a gigantic amount of traffic that visits your properties.

Convenience is Key:

  • Convenience is one of the biggest drivers in the increase in the mobile usage.  When structuring your site for mobile, make sure that you format in such a way that makes it easier for visitors to access the information they are seeking out, and engage them in a way that makes sense on a smaller screen.

Gauge the Efficacy of Mobile Investments:  

  • You have employed a mobile first mentality and have optimized your site for such devices. Good Job. Now you need to ensure that you can gauge the efficacy of these strategies and measure the conversions your “mobile” site is driving.


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