3 Ways to Engage Clients Digitally

Screen Shot 2015-01-21 at 5.12.29 PMWith the new age of business going in the digital direction, many companies have had to restructure their marketing tactics. The digital consumer is wide range of individuals that hold no boundaries. No longer is a brand only able to market themselves in their immediate vicinity. With the help of the internet, individuals are now able to reach a broader global audience that they never had access to before.

That said, online brands must find ways to digitally reach this new audience. What’s different than traditional marketing is the ability to emotionally connect with consumers. But with a digital push, one has more of a creative freedom to engage and reach customers. Studies show that digital consumers are offering a more accurate picture of what overall consumers really want. The key take away point is execution and validity of content. With the new age of social media, consumers have a voice that they’ve never had before. So if the execution is off or the content isn’t genuine, your constituents will be very vocal about it. No one wants to feel like they are being “sold”. So it is imperative that one doesn’t come off as a used car salesman.

Below I’ve listed some of the best ways to connect with your digital market:

Mobile Accessibility

In this new age of digital media everyone has access to a phone. And not only do most consumers have access to mobile devices, but they all have access to internet on these devices. In the US, WiFi access is widespread and easily accessible. As an online retailer you want to be able to reach consumers any and everywhere. Don’t give them the opportunity to not purchase due to lack of access.

According to Mobile Statistics people check their phones on average 150 times a day which equals to about every six and a half minutes that some utilizes their phones. This automatically gives your consumer 24/7 access to your product. Not only that, but there are a number of apps and widgets that allow you communicate directly with your clients. Your clients now feel they are personally a part of something as opposed to being just quintessential customer.

Incorporating Digital Trends into Brick and Mortar shopping

The introduction of technology into physical store fronts has helped tremendously when it comes to revenue. It gives the fresh and updated feels and ultimately makes the experience more seamless for customers. A good example of this are the Apple Stores. They were one of the first retailers to incorporate technology into the consumer experience. From the clean look of their store, to the accessibility to their products, customers are able to go into a retailer and use any product they desire as sort of a “testing” process before they decide to purchase. Furthermore, Apple employees are able to cash out customers on mobile devices eliminating the bottle necking that takes place at registers.

Another idea would be to offer online codes for clients that are connected digitally. Whether they are followers on social media or they get it from a website, consumers will feel like they are apart of a special club.

Social Media

This leads me to my next point, social media. Social media is heavily underutilized by a lot of retailers. Social media can be a source of free marketing as well as a way to be one on one directly with your consumers. The world is an extremely social place and gives a round the clock voice to pretty much anyone. Have you consumers use hashtags when discussing your business or “check in” online in order to receive special deals.

Start the conversation online and allow your consumers connect with you as well as your network.

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